Visit Pottstown PA

Founded in the 1700s by the Potts family, Pottstown and its surrounding areas forged steel and iron. Around the iron and steelworks, we built a school, houses, a church, and a post office. Pottstown, at it’s core has always been a place to work, live, and worship.

A Proud Industrial Heritage

Since those early days in the 1700s, Pottstown has played a key role in many industrial movements. From iron and steel, plastic production, automobile tires, shoe polish, to frozen fruit pies, many companies once called Pottstown home.


Like many towns in Pennsylvania, many of Pottstown’s major industrial companies went out of business or relocated. In their wake, Pottstown has forged ahead and reinvented itself in the face of many obstacles. What Pottstown has in spades is many passionate communities dedicated to seeing the town succeed and realize what it is going to be next.

Present Pottstown

What is Pottstown? We’re not Phoenixville or Boyertown. We are Pottstown. We’re a borough of diverse communities focused on helping the town become something new. From rising local technology, metalworking, and food production industries, an ever-growing downtown of retail and service businesses, to passionate nonprofits continually building and strengthening communities, Pottstown is a force of change. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what people expect from Pottstown.

Spend a Day and Visit

Walk down High Street and you’re in for a treat. Whether you’re taking in a play at Steel River, riding the rails with Colebrookdale, eating lunch at Grumpy’s, taking a spin on the Carousel, sipping lattes at Connections, or exploring art at ArtFusion, Pottstown will surprise you. We have the art community, retail establishments, and dining options to challenge your sense of adventure.

Live in Pottstown

Imagine an area of historic real estate properties in a community focused on delivering real change. That’s Pottstown. With all the amenities within walking distance, you’ll find an affordable real estate base full of architectural gems and a community of faith, civic-minded, and personal development-focused organizations actively looking for more volunteers. Add exciting educational opportunities from our award-winning public schools, private schools, and local colleges, Pottstown is a place to live, get involved, and learn.

Pottstown: Come for the diversity. Stay for the change.