Pottstown: The Best Shopping Near Limerick Outlets

Located near Limerick Outlets, Pottstown offers an opportunity to stroll through unique shops you won’t find at the Pottstown Outlets. From custom clothing, art gifts, flowers, local produce, to bicycles, there’s something for everyone when you shop Pottstown.

Shop Pottstown to find a new style while supporting small business owners. It’s a win-win.

Our Partners

ArtFusion 19464

254 E. High Street
ArtFusion 19464 is a non-profit community art center located in a fully restored Victorian building. Our gallery offers an arena for new, up-and-coming artists to display their work. We also work with established local, national and international artists.

Other Stores

Cole’s Candy & Tobacco

215 E. High Street

Army/Navy Store

231 E. High Street

Jean’s Lingerie

27 N. Hanover Street

Weitzenkorn’s Menswear

145 E. High Street

Agnes Edmonds Bridal & Tuxedos

315 E. High Street, 2nd floor

Ink & Essence

241 E. High Street

Scott’s Clock Repair

22 South Charlotte Street

High Street Music Company

135 E. High Street

Rich Ranieri, Inc.Carpets

218 E. High Street

Lasticks Floor Covering

269-301 E. High Street

Pottstown Florist

300 E. High Street

North End Florist

403 N Charlotte Street

Daniel’s Produce and Dairy

219 E. High Street

Pottstown Farmers Market

300 E. High Street

Janet’s Nutritional Foods

26 S. Charlotte Street

Lastick Furniture

269-301 E. High Street

Tri-County Bicycles

256 E. High Street

Forget the Limerick Outlets

Stroll up and down High Street and Charlotte to find a diverse and unique shopping experience you won’t find at the Limerick Outlet Stores. Pottstown is an exciting retail community that will engage and challenge your interests.